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Circular Walk; Skerryback, Monk Haven and St Ishmaels

This walk is a particular favourite of ours.   We chose this one short section of coast path for 3 good reasons:

1. It is fairly close to Lower Haroldston

2. It has remarkable all weather properties.   Even in the depths of the wettest winter, the path stays mostly in good condition.   The odd patch of mud can easily be negotiated, although we may not recommend that you wear your brand new white trainers, at these times!

3. The cliffs are quite low, at least for the first section of the walk, so it may be suitable for those who are not comfortable with heights.

The walk offers 3 optional routes of approximately 3 miles, 6 miles or 6.5 miles.

Directions to start of walk, OS Map Ref 846073

Turn left out of drive.   Go through the estate to the tee junction with Pembroke Road.   Turn right to Merlins Island (MacDonald’s on left)

Take first exit off island towards Milford Haven and then take first turn right, before the bridge into Old Hakin Road (signpost Tiers Cross).

Go through village of Tiers Cross.   Ignore the first turn right to Walwyns Castle.  

Continue for about 1 mile and take next turn right towards Robeston West.   Follow this lane, for about 1.5miles until you arrive at the tee junction with the Milford Haven to Dale road.   

Turn right and follow the road towards Dale for around 1.5miles.   Pass a church on your right and then ignore the first turn left (signpost Sandy Haven).   Take the next turn left (signpost Sandy Haven & St Ishmaels).

Proceed down this lane for 0.5miles until the sharp right hand bend.   Turn left here towards Sandy Haven.   In 300metres you will see a rough lay by, on your right, between 2 gateways.   Park here.

The Walk

Skerryback Walk Map

Continue down the lane towards Sandy Haven in the same direction as you were driving.   On passing Skerryback Farm, you will descend a steepish hill, passing a tee junction on your left and an old lime kiln on your right.   In about 30metres, you will see a stile on your right, part way up the bank.   This is the Coast Path.

If the tide is out, you may wish continue down the lane to investigate Sandy Haven beach, before resuming your walk.

Follow the Coast Path, for 1.5miles, through the woods, over 4 stiles and through 1 kissing gate, past the tall concrete beacon at Little Castle Head, until you reach a tee junction with a stony farm track.   There will be a small white bungalow to your left.

Turn right here and follow the track through a gateway and past the radar tower.   The next section of the coast path starts on your left.

At this point, you can cut short the walk by proceeding along the farm track, until you reach the road by where your car is parked.

To continue the walk, follow the coast path as directed for 2 miles, past Great Castle Head and the concrete gun emplacements at Watch House Point, until you reach the stone stile beside the small ruined turret.

The path now descends into Monk Haven.   Follow the red stone wall (remnants of the Old Monastery), across the back of the beach.

Turn right at the end of the wall and follow the path past the pond. The path bears right, again following a stone wall.   Continue past the cottage, until you reach the church.

At this point there are two options.   Option 1 is the quickest way back.   Option 2 is about half a mile further but passes the Brook public house.

Option 1   Turn right and proceed with church on your left.   Follow the church wall, taking a left turn as you reach the far corner.   Continue to follow the wall to the bridle gate.   Cross the field, with the hedge on your right until you arrive at a further bridle/farm gate.   Continue up farm track, which soon becomes a metalled road.   Proceed up this road, into the village of St Ishmaels, to the tee junction.   Turn right, go past the cricket ground and walk for almost half a mile until you reach the junction with the road to Sandy Haven.   Turn right here and return to your car.

Option 2   Go straight on and proceed with the church on your right.   Follow the road for about 400metres, before turning right into a lane.   Continue down this lane, into the village of St Ishmaels, to the tee junction. The Brook public house is a few metres to your left.   Turn right and proceed through the village for 0.75miles, passing the cricket ground until you reach the junction with the road to Sandy Haven.   Turn right here and return to your car.