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Circular Walk; Kilgetty, Saundersfoot, Wiseman’s Bridge & Pleasant Valley; “The Miners’ Walk”

This walk, which is about 10.5 miles, has been adapted from the printed leaflet, which is included in our walks folder.   The following changes have been made:

1. The start/finish point has been set at the nearest location to Haroldston.   This has the added benefit that the half way point is now around Wiseman’s Bridge so may be ideal for a lunchtime stop over (see our Pub Guide).

2. We found the directions shown on the leaflet to be sketchy, confusing and inaccurate.   Those overleaf are much more detailed and (hopefully) easy to follow.

3. The original route follows a couple of roads, near to Kilgetty, that are busy, fast and lacking pavements.   We found these to be unpleasant and dangerous so have adjusted the route to avoid them.   The overall distance seems to be unaffected.

You may wish to take the printed leaflet with you also as it includes many historical pointers.

There are a fair few steps to climb in Pleasant Valley.   However, these can be avoided (missing out Broom Colliery) if you wish.

Directions to the Start of Walk; OS Map Ref 107094

Turn left out of the end of the drive.   Go to the end of St Issells Avenue and turn right at the Tee junction.   

Continue under the railway bridge, to the traffic island (Macdonalds is on your left).   Turn right at the island (4th exit) into Freemans Way.   At the end of Freemans Way, turn right at the traffic island towards St Clears.   At the next island, bear right still towards St Clears.

Follow the A40 for about 6 miles until you reach Canaston Bridge.   Turn right, at the island, onto the A4075 towards Pembroke Dock & Tenby.   

In about 2 miles you will reach the entrance to Oakwood Theme Park.   At the following staggered crossroads, turn left towards Templeton onto the A4115.   In about 2 miles you will reach the crossroads at Templeton   (The Boars Head is on the corner).   Turn right here and immediately right again up the small lane, on the other side of the pub.   

Take the next turn left, signposted “Thomas Chapel”.   In just under a mile, look out for a footpath fingerpost on your left at Bramblehill.   Park in the lay by/gateway, a few yards prior to this on the right.   There is sufficient room for a vehicle, without blocking the gateway.

The Walk

miners walk map

Continue on in the same direction and turn right over the stile, opposite Bramblehill.   Walk through the wood to the meadow, via a stile.   Follow the meadow on the right hand side and into another woody track, alongside a brook.   If there are cattle in the field, it can be very muddy here.  If so, you may prefer to return to the start and divert round the lane (see map).  Otherwise, after crossing a further stile, you will reach a lane.   

Cross over and go through a gate and over a little bridge.   Continue in the same direction over three fields, joined by stiles, before descending some steps into a sunken lane.  Cross over into the farm lane almost opposite. The surface has recently (2011) been improved to wheelchair grade and is now is excellent in all weathers (it used to be very muddy). Follow this lane for just over a mile until you come to a small clearing. A couple of hundred yards Tramway near to Begellylater, the road divides. The left branch goes to a house so take the right hand branch and follow this straight, tree lined avenue until you reach the road at Begelly.

Turn left and follow the road past The Begelly Arms until you reach the island.   

At this point, the original route directs you to turn right. However, for our adaptation, please continue straight on into the village of Kilgetty.

Pass the garage on the left and the Co op on the right. Cross over the pedestrian crossing and then turn right past the pub.

Follow this quiet residential road until its end.   Go down the ramp and steps and through the underpass, under the main road.   When you reach the lane on the other side, turn left under the railway bridge.   Walk to the end of this lane which is at a tee junction by the church.   Turn left onto the B4316.   In about 100yards past the turn to Wiseman’s Bridge and opposite the caravan site, you will see some wooden palings on your right alongside a wooden finger post.

Take this footpath through the wood.   In a short distance, the path divides.   Take the left fork as indicated by the waymark.   Cross a footbridge and bear right at the next fork, again as per the waymark.   You may see a footpath sign on your left but ignore this and continue straight on until you reach the steel kissing gate, which lets into a field.   Cross this field, in the same direction, following the right hand hedge to a further kissing gate. Follow the narrow footpath around the backs of the houses until you reach a service road.   Continue straight on until you reach a residential road, which is at the top of Saundersfoot.   Turn right and walk a short distance until you see the car park sign, with a bus on it.   Turn left here.   (At this point, you rejoin the original route shown on the leaflet.)

Turn immediately left again, as indicated by a wooden finger post, into a tarmacked pathway.   Follow this sloping tramway, past a block of flats.   Cross over the road in front and continue in the same direction, along the tramway.   This opens out into a service road for some houses before finally reaching the centre of Saundersfoot.

Go straight on past the amusement arcade and cross over into the car park.   As soon as you pass the barrier, turn left and walk out of the side of the car park and into the street opposite which runs parallel to the beach.   Walk to the end of this street and through the tunnel to the large car park at Coppet Hall.

Walk across the car park, angling slightly right, so that you reach the other side just behind the beach.   Here youWisemans Bridge In from the coast path will find a further short tunnel which leads into a much longer one.   Follow the subsequent paved promenade (ex mine railway) round to Wiseman’s Bridge.

On reaching the road, bear right and in a few yards turn left into the footpath by the public lavatories and the stream.   (Alternatively, you may wish to carry on following the road behind the beach until you reach the Wiseman’s Bridge Inn, ahead).

The path, beside the stream, soon merges with a lane. Follow the lane for a few yards until it deviates to the left. Go straight on here, with Tramway Cottage on your left, into a wide wooded path which has recently been improved to wheelchair grade.  After half a mile, turn left onto a footpath, as indicated by a waymark.   This path crosses a bridge and then climbs some steps to a tee junction.  Bear right and climb some more steps until you reach the ruined miners’ cottages.   


Continue past to a branch in the path and take the right hand route which climbs steeply up to a further tee junction.   Turn right and enter the well preserved Grove Colliery.

Grove CollieryCarry on in the same direction, for just over half a mile, until you pass some cottages on your left.   This is the edge of the village of Stepaside.   In a few yards, you will reach the end of the track.   Turn sharp left and cross the stone footbridge immediately in front of the cottages.   

Follow the path past some more houses until you go through a gateway.   The main road passes here, to your right but you need to keep left and climb the steep concrete paved lane in front.

At the crossroads, turn right and walk over the spectacular road bridge over the busy A477.   At the end of this lane, you will reach the edge of Kilgetty.   Cross over to the service road, directly opposite, as indicated by waymarks. Walk to the end of the service road and bear right in front of the last house to a steel kissing gate on the right.   The field in front is roughly crescent shaped and the path follows the curve, approximately in the centre of the field.

At the other end, you will reach a bridle gate which lets into a wood.   In a few yards, you will reach a cross track. Bear slightly left up the hill in front.   Follow this track, through the wood and through a kissing gate until you reach a further kissing gate leading in to the farmyard at Penrath.   Turn right down the yard then bear left and go through the gap in the hedge.   Immediately turn left, over a bridge and stile into a rough, sloping meadow.

Follow the right hand hedge to the bottom corner where you will find a stile leading to a wooden causeway.   AKilgetty Woodfurther stile leads to a valley side path.   Bear left here. Cross the ford and follow the path up the far side of the valley.   In about 300 yards, take the sharp turn to your left.

Climb this path up to a bridle gate which lets into a farmyard.   Follow the farm road through another farmyard (Trewern) until you reach the lane.   Turn right here, over the railway bridge.

Follow the lane to the tee junction.   Turn left onto a main road (A478) and in 100yards turn right over a stile.   As a ‘pointer’, the stile is immediately after the ‘bend’ sign. Cross the field in front, bearing slightly left towards the two gates.   Go through the left hand bridle gate and follow the right hand hedge.   After a few yards, the field develops a steep downward slope to the right and you need to aim just to the right of the 2 pylons where you will find a bridle gate part way along the hedge in front of you.

Go through this gate and 2 more small fields and into the farmyard at Bramblehill.   Turn right down the farm road and return to your vehicle.