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Circular Walk; Haroldston, Lower Haroldston, Fernhill

haroldston map

This offers the option of a short or medium length riverside walk of either 2 or 4 miles, and is completely dog friendly as all stiles are fitted with dog gates (following long campaigning with Pembrokeshire Highways Dept.).

Go down the drive and turn right into Clay Lanes. In about 200 metres look out for a finger post on left. Cross stone stile with scaffolding rails. Go through ruins of Haroldston Mansion (former home of Sir John Perrott, Queen Elizabeth I's half brother) and cross field diagonally to bottom right hand corner to farm gate and stile. Go over stile & follow wooden causeway to next stile.

This leads back into Clay Lanes. Cross over to cottage opposite then turn right through steel kissing gate. Turn left and with wire fence & hedge on your left proceed to stile 100 metres in front of you (ignore first gateway and stile on your left, at the end of the cottage garden; this is the old diverted footpath).

After crossing stile, continue in same general direction with hedge now on the right until you reach hedge in front of you. Turn left downhill as indicated by waymark on post.

Cross wooden causeway, footbridge and after second short causeway, bear slightly left and look for waymark on post some 40 metres in front of you. Follow narrow path between hedges which becomes a track at the bottom of a bank. The track opens out to a small field. Cross to stile & gate opposite. Cross the stream to wire fence immediately in front.

At this point, if you wish to cut short the walk, turn right up to the farm track. Turn right, through the gate & turn left in front of Haroldston Church. Follow this lane to the tee junction with Fernhill Lane. Turn right and proceed for half a mile to the tee junction with Clay Lanes. Turn left & return to Upper Haroldston. Otherwise:

Turn left and go a few yards to stile. Cross large field to double stile opposite. Bear left as indicated by waymark and proceed with the trees on your right. In about 40 yards, turn right and go through the trees to waymark on post by track. Turn right again and follow track uphill. The track curves to the left and continues upwards. Immediately before you reach a farm gate, cross the stile on your left. Follow this path over 2 more stiles then descend the steps through the wood.

river viewWhen you reach the wire fence, turn right and cross a stile and a footbridge. Continue in the same general direction over a further footbridge and causeway before climbing a few steps to a stile. Follow the riverbank trail to the next stile which opens into a field. Continue again in the same direction, for about 150 metres to stile on your left. Go on for another 110 metres with the hedge/fence on your right, until you reach a farm gate in that hedge. Go through the gate and cross the field following the wire fence on your left, until you reach the stile in the far left hand corner.

The path turns immediately right then left as indicated by finger post. Follow path through wood to farm gate. Bear left and follow wire fence on your left to further gate.

NB The ground between the fence and the solitary tree can sometimes be muddy, so you may prefer to give the tree a wide berth to your right until you reach the track in front of the ruined building. Turn left and follow track to the gate mentioned above.

Proceed along riverbank until you reach joining tributary. The path at this point will flood at high spring tides (see tide table in General Info' File). Continue to follow stream bank until you reach a finger post. Cross over the wooden footbridge and then turn right. The path continues to follow the left hand bank upstream for about 40 metres before re crossing, via a ford, into a sunken lane. (Since the left hand bank is in poor condition, you will find it simplest to cross the stream in 3 'zig zags', using stepping stones. This is easy enough except when the stream is in flood.) Proceed up the sunken lane until you reach Fernhill Lodge. At this point, the lane becomes a proper tarmac road. Continue for a mile until you reach the Tee junction with Clay Lanes. Turn left and return to Upper Haroldston.