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Enjoy Your Holiday With Your Dog In Pembrokeshire

Dog on HolidayBy rights, this item should be entitled ‘Pets on Holiday’ as we have had a parrot stay here (his name was Rhubarb and he was delightful and very welcome).

However, it is a fact that the overwhelming majority of pets, that do accompany their owners on holiday, are dogs. This is because dogs do fit in so well, particularly with holiday makers that are quite active. Accompanying their owners on walks or visits to the beach is very exciting for dogs, with lots of new smells to examine and rock pools to paddle and swim in.

Since we are animal lovers ourselves, well behaved dogs and other pets (with well behaved owners, of course) are most welcome here (by prior arrangement please). We don’t charge for dogs but do request a 50 bond which we are pleased to return when the house and garden and left clean and undamaged (see our booking conditions). To help with this process, we supply an absorbent mat to blot wet and muddy paws plus a few doggy towels.

The rear garden is large and is fenced round so will successfully contain most dogs, apart from the most determined escapers. The boundary consists of thick hedging and stock fencing which a large agile dog would be able to jump, if allowed. Obviously, nothing short of an 8ft security fence would stop a dog that really wanted to get out!

So if you believe that a family holiday can’t be a proper family holiday unless your beloved dog is with you, then Haroldston is the place for you!

Dogs on Holiday