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Haroldston Farmhouse: Access Statement

There is ample parking within the concreted courtyard.   Access to the house is directly from this yard, up 3 steps.   At night, the yard is automatically lit by a 500watt floodlight.

The front door is wide and gives access to a small lobby.   A door opposite (opening inwards) leads to the downstairs twin bedroom.   There is a small en suite bathroom, which has a shower cubicle.   The shower tray is mounted on a plinth and is accessed via a wide 170mm high step.

The games room leads off the downstairs bedroom.

Returning to the lobby, there is a narrow door leading into the kitchen, via a 220mm high downward step (a wooden intermediary step is available if required).   Access to the rest of the ground floor (lounge and sitting room) is level from here.   It is possible to enter the kitchen via a rear outside door, without negotiating any steps.   However, it is necessary to cross a small lawn to achieve this.

Electrical sockets in the kitchen and utility are at work top height.   All other sockets are at skirting board level, except for one in the games room.

Both television sets and the video recorder have remote control units as does the DVD and Freeview.   Both have teletext.

There is no telephone.   Visitors have free access to the internet via a WiFi wireless connection, assuming that they bring their own laptop computer.

The staircase is wide with one handrail.   There is a landing, near to the top which branches up 4 more steps to access the various bedrooms.   Occupants of the 2 double bedrooms have to go via this landing to reach the bathrooms.   The landing lights are automatic (PIR sensors).   As befits an old farmhouse, there is extensive use of stained panelling and doors, which may not provide good contrast for the visually impaired.   There is an individual bedside light for every person.

The 2 upstairs bathrooms are large and well lit.